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Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) Skegness 22/5/19

bar We know that exams can be daunting but with our highly experienced tutors they will teach you all you will need to know to pass the course. In fact we are so confident you will pass we offer a FREE RESIT if you did fail.


You can now do the award for personal licence holders course (aplh)on line
This is the course you need if you would like to work or progress in the licensed trade.

The course is for owners, managers, team leaders, bar staff and anyone that is going to be serving alcohol.

This means you can do the course at your own pace and as quickly or slowly as you want to as you can save your progress and come back to it later.

Once you have completed the on-line course you will then have a 1-hour exam to complete to do this we can come to you or you can do the exam in one of our centres.

Whilst you are completing the course you will have direct contact with one of our tutors who will be available to answer any questions.

all areas covered Chapel st Leonard's-ingoldmells-Skegness-  etc many more locations available contact now for more details 01274317067


A personal licence is required to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol. 
To obtain a personal licence an individual must apply to there local authority. 
To apply for a personal licence an individual must have a UK government approved qualification.

If you're looking looking to start an exciting career in hospitality and bar industry your first step is to undertake an accredited award for personal licence holders course.

If you're already working in the licence trade and want to move up or you are looking for a new start in the licence trade this course will be a massive career boost for you.

Ideal for people working in or they want to work in or own or manage pubs, nightclubs,  hotels,  restaurants, shops etc.

This is the course you need to apply for a personal licence to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol from the licencing authority.

The aplh training course will provide each delegate with a clear understanding of the framework of law and regulation that underpins the responsibility's of the personal licence holder. This will include:

Licensing authorities  
Personal and premises licences
Operating schedules
Permitted temporary activities
Unauthorised licensable activities
Police powers and rights of entry
Legal and social responsibility's of the personal licence holder
Illigal drugs, the effects of alcohol and disorderly conduct
protection of children